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Angel Face Reviews

  • Luigi 2022-10-23 19:05:08

    broken soul tonight

    Jean Simmons is not that beautiful. I haven't seen the "Hamlet" and "Great Expectations" she filmed in her early years, but in this film her face looks too dry, her cheekbones are vicissitudes of life, and the close-up also exposes her large but not delicate facial features. Maybe it's the black...

  • Cary 2022-10-23 17:04:16

    "Soul Broken Tonight": Elegance and Horror

    If death does not constitute the judgment and pain of life, how much temperament does a woman have to face the sweetness and strange horrors of life?

    When Diana's author father married her stepmother, the wealthy widow Mrs Tremaine, it was a sadness and pain in her heart. When Mrs Tremaine is...

Angel Face

Director: Otto Preminger

Language: English,Japanese Release date: February 11, 1953

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