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  • Like Someone in Love Like Someone in Love

    Crawford 2022-12-20 04:52:41

    Everyone talking about the title of the movie has gone astray

    If you write a running account diary, and you are asked to think of a suitable topic, will it be difficult?
    What I see in my eyes, the beautiful fragments of my personal experience, cannot be organized into language descriptions. This movie is about describing some of those clips. So it doesn't have a deeper meaning.

    The theme of the movie, if you think about it carefully, it is really not "just dating." The girl is obviously a supporter, but it's probably okay to...

  • Hancock Hancock

    Crawford 2022-12-16 09:13:01

    "Nationwide Superman Hancock"-a hero is hard to be a...

    Since "The Enemy of the People", the translation of the movie titles starring Will Smith has been linked to the word "Nationwide". "The Enemy of All People", "Nationwide Superman", and even "Me, Robot" are really bad translations. The title of "Mechanical Enemy" was turned into "Mechanical Enemy"...

    Originally, "Superman" was the movie I had been waiting for, but there was no news after waiting. There was a movie called "Hancock" everywhere in the magazine. I’m still surprised that...

  • On the Road On the Road

    Crawford 2022-12-14 06:12:09

    When young people wear brocade

    Four stars.

    It's time to experience another world again. Two-part memory. I learned it from Budapest. I really like those few seconds when she rolls a cigarette. Temperament, its temperament reminds me of drunken folk ballads. Or Tokyo refugees. The way of presentation is like the eyes of an enigma, or an outstanding citizen. Of course, it doesn't make sense. Bring heaven to Denver. Happiness without burden. on the way. And, regardless of what meaning brings, it belongs to the...

  • Zeitgeist Zeitgeist

    Crawford 2022-12-05 20:59:06


    Americans are the smartest people in the world. They can debunk all lies, decipher any conspiracy, and convince everyone to be on their side. And the leaders of the U.S. government—the smartest people elected by the smartest people to represent the entire country—have screwed up even a single bombing plan. Their botched performances have also been brought out to scoff at beheadings.

    Perhaps seeing that the people are old-fashioned, numb and cold, not easy to deceive,...

  • Fingersmith Fingersmith

    Crawford 2022-11-27 08:55:18

    how i want you, how i love you.

    There is a doubt in the article. I don't quite understand why Mo Deming knows that the medicine is poisonous, so why he still takes it every day.

    There are many possibilities for things to happen. What you see is always only the side that you understand and touch. There will be many inextricable connections behind it that you never thought of. The director uses the different story processes of the two protagonists to narrate, so that the same plot has unexpected effects.


  • Modern Love Modern Love

    Crawford 2022-11-26 18:49:41

    S1E4: Marriage, children, years, what kills our love?

    Adapted from the New York Times column of the same name, "Modern Love" covers nine different forms of modern love in eight episodes: an unusual friendship with a doorman, an old lover who's been lingering and reappearing in life, bipolar disorder Unusual emotional experiences of patients, different dates in the emergency room, gay families who want to adopt children, romantic love in old age... This book attempts to "explore the complex emotional life of contemporary people, and the pain and...

  • Masters of Horror Masters of Horror

    Crawford 2022-11-21 23:08:50

    Introduce each episode.

    01. The perverted murderer who appeared inexplicably, the heroine was kidnapped, and the seemingly weak heroine used the fighting skills of her boyfriend to finally kill the pervert. At the end, it turned out that the heroine was not a weak woman, and she was killed by herself in the trunk The violent boyfriend who fell out, came the wave of high energy. 02. The witch and the mouse with a human face. 03 The dance of death, the foreshadowing is too long, is to use biochemical viruses to turn...

  • The Secret The Secret

    Crawford 2022-11-17 09:12:29


    Humans are not masters of the universe, and the universe is not Aladdin who says "your wish is my mission". This truth is not new at all, it is not a secret, and I personally don't think it is "the law of attration".

    Humans are just one of the creatures that exist with the earth or everything in the universe. Money, houses, cars, society... are just props in the human survival game.

    In my opinion, everything follows a rule, a basic rule, the rule of survival. We have the...

  • Pink Floyd: The Wall Pink Floyd: The Wall

    Crawford 2022-11-10 02:37:50

    Pink Floyd The Wall / 迷墙---We will meet again on a sunny day

    Pink Floyd The Wall / Lost Wall---We will meet again in a sunny day, we who howled on the wasteland, but it's just a brick on the wall --- "The Lost Wall" Actually I My music cell is not very developed, and I have a poor tone, and I have no special liking for music. I have no pursuit, no belief, and no taste. In short, it is very popular. It is even more popular for some fringe punk, rock, heavy metal and other music. I am ignorant, but the wall is lost, but it really touched me. It turned...

  • Wanderlust Wanderlust

    Crawford 2022-11-06 04:19:06

    Talents with autonomy and self-control are eligible to enjoy freedom

    Only city life, free market is the ultimate destination of life. Collectivistic life, eating a big pot of rice is always unworkable. Human beings are self-interested animals in nature, and the left-handed man with benevolence, righteousness and morality is the most terrifying. He said that in order to achieve fairness, justice, and achieve communist, everyone should share everything, but he wants to find a noble-sounding reason to use your things for free and embezzle your property. Communism's...

  • Hichki Hichki

    Crawford 2022-10-29 18:33:34

    Self-inflicted movies are no longer suitable for me to watch

    Movies are idealized, real teacher life is trivial, and the kind of teacher who can save students usually has great energy, after all, he has to be able to give it. In real life, many teachers suffer from mental illness or lack of energy, and are more often occupied by various teaching and research activities, projects, papers, and various tasks and activities assigned by leaders. It takes time to recite a class, educating people? Let's wait until we have time and energy, but now it is...

  • The Beauty Inside The Beauty Inside

    Crawford 2022-10-27 01:17:42

    I do!

    If your boyfriend wakes up every day with a completely different gender, age, and nationality from the previous day, you have to chat with the bald Mediterranean uncle over coffee today, play games with the little kid tomorrow, and take care of the old man the day after tomorrow. My grandfather or grandmother, but occasionally Park Seojun will confess to you, Ueno Shuri sleeps with you, Li Hyunwoo crosses the road with you hand in hand, Li Jinyu has sex with you, Li Dongxu proposes...

  • The Good Night The Good Night

    Crawford 2022-10-24 22:53:39

    A sleepwalking movie that inexplicably enters but is inexplicably poked

           Looking at this poster on my mobile phone, I can't tell who is who. It's a big reason why I missed this film for a long time. Anyway, I can guess Simon Jun in the lower left. As a result, the first male protagonist in the upper right is Chao Ye, I'm astonished. figure it out. As a result, I only found out when I clicked the random entry yesterday: The first male protagonist with sufficient drama. The cast of this film is also quite luxurious. At the end of the film, I found out that...

  • Wrinkles Wrinkles

    Crawford 2022-10-04 04:31:23

    The problem of aging in the world

    A lot of comments mention how unfilial the children of Emilio and other elderly people are, and in my opinion they could have done better, but it's not too bad.

    When Emilio's son chose a nursing home, he deliberately chose one with a swimming pool; Emilio's daughter-in-law did not show any dislike for him, and even blocked his son a little when he wanted to send him to the nursing home.

    It reminds me of my grandma. Since 12 years of cerebral infarction, it has been bedridden for...

  • The Lovers on the Bridge The Lovers on the Bridge

    Crawford 2022-09-20 01:22:10

    express in poetry

    The first time I watched "Shinbashi Lovers" was in junior high school.
    At that time, I was ignorant, but full of blind worship to all romance and petty bourgeoisie.
    Patiently finished watching this classic French film, and then continued to be patient, pondering the romance of the film to the subtitles at the end of the film.
    I don't understand.
    In a flash, it's been almost ten years.
    "Lovers in New Bridge" has become one of the few movies that I can remember the plot...

  • Crawford 2023-05-25 06:52:25

    The heroine's head is shaking, shaking, shaking your sister!

  • Crawford 2023-05-23 16:41:34


  • Crawford 2023-05-18 19:56:02

    The part where the heroine said I need to know something actually appeared in my high school VOA and I still remember it fresh! so amazing! In addition, I saw that many protagonists have cavities...

  • Crawford 2023-05-14 07:10:01

    British town style painting, contemporary (advanced area) feminist line drawing. Very interesting, recommend to those who are interested in British towns.

  • Crawford 2023-05-06 16:00:39

    The taste of occlusion in the United States is particularly vivid, and Shi Chuxi's expression is always fixed by Herzog.

  • Crawford 2023-04-25 07:18:06

    Four stars, for Oscar Wilde, if there is a youthful face, the PS movie itself can be used for listening practice

  • Crawford 2023-04-07 08:43:54

    The idea is good, the layout is too small, but there are quite a lot of characters

  • Crawford 2023-04-01 18:43:30

    Break up now. . . Girl, go back and make a good movie, stop bundling it

  • Crawford 2023-04-01 07:44:28

    I can't tell which of the three protagonists is Monroe, failure!

  • Crawford 2023-03-31 11:48:39

    Great story, coupled with Jeunet's style of painting and handling, it feels unique in addition to retro. The ending point is still inseparable from the same meaning, but there is no better way to deal with it.

  • Crawford 2023-03-31 10:55:37

    Conservative and prudent, it adds many details that are not in the animated version to make the story more complete, but it also compresses the space for expansion, leaving little room for interpretation; in addition, I hope Disney will make persistent efforts to remake the live-action versions of "Aladdin" and "Aladdin". I also added so many black friends when I wrote "Mulan", hehe.

  • Crawford 2023-03-30 14:41:30

    Compared with the director of the same period, Jules Dassin's editing fluency, narrative rhythm and completion rate, etc., each appear to be more proficient and superior.

  • Crawford 2023-03-27 12:36:07

    The scene is well selected, and the composition function comes with it. Typical poetic realism, with lyricism and reality.

  • Crawford 2023-03-27 11:42:42

    The interpretation of personal tendency is that the male protagonist is a habitual offender, and the female protagonist is infatuated. Halfway through, I almost believed what Ray said, and then I thought that I was probably just deceived by Uncle Ben's good looks and acting skills. The style of the picture is clean, cold but abstinent.

  • Crawford 2023-03-27 03:45:48

    Class viewing. Although there are still flaws in the time logic, he began to use montage consciously, "for the first time using a movie screen to say at the same time"; but still did not break through the fixed camera position. The last close-up can imagine how shocking it was at the time.