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Monique Kiehn



  • Leaving Neverland Leaving Neverland

    Monique 2022-12-19 12:36:24

    Those who are willing to believe remind me of the movie "The Hunt"

    Can you see who started the robbery? I couldn't see him, he was standing on the commanding heights, standing in the sun.

    And the people who shot and wounded people were you demons, standing on the moral high ground, speaking out from the light of self-righteousness.

    Really disgusting.


    One day, when...

  • The Medallion The Medallion

    Monique 2022-12-09 15:46:53

    Free gold medal

    With the patter of rain, I finished watching this movie. Many feelings, SO, I hope you like it too.
        A gold medal with magical power can bring people back to life. "Undead" seems to be an inexhaustible topic.
        desire? human nature? It emerged one after another against it.
        Hong Kong Interpol Xiaodi and the "human snake" criminals fought each other to save the prodigy (Jai). It is responsibility, justice, and even more kind nature, which touches the child...

  • Vivre Sa Vie Vivre Sa Vie

    Monique 2022-11-10 20:45:27

    Vivre Sa Vie

    "A bird is an animal with an inside and an outside. Take away the outside and the inside is left. Take away the inside and you see its soul."

    The little poem in the first act is like a prophecy of Nana's fate. Her “outside” -- the dress -- was taken away in the middle of the film when she decided to become a prostitute to make a living. In the end, her “inside” -- her life -- was also taken away when she was shot to death.

    The act impressed me most is the 5th act, “The Boulevards...

  • Following Following

    Monique 2022-11-08 10:54:36

    Short comments are too limited!

    One hour impress to me. Black and white world and stagnant flow of people. About stealing, jokingly looking at the 'privacy' that others seem to be private but longing to be seen by others. Maybe he's right. I just finished writing my diary and I thought it was my personal writing and saw that he said people hide diaries but actually want people to see them. I was amazed how funny he was. I thought about it again. In fact, I have always recorded my thoughts and summarized...

  • Shanghai Shanghai

    Monique 2022-11-01 01:40:48

    "Sea of ​​Spies": a love film under the packaging of a spy war film

    I watched the film of "The Wind and Cloud" before. The tense atmosphere and the hot shots made me feel that this should be a spy war film with a similar style to "The Wind". However, the concept of foreigners making films is indeed the same as that of the Chinese. The difference is quite big. Even if they have similar backgrounds and similar characters, the plots they organize are quite different. Moreover, they don't care whether what happened is completely logical, and they pay more attention...

  • Woodstock Woodstock

    Monique 2022-10-26 12:36:40

    Making the Woodstock Myth

    A convention of love, a convention of
    peace, a convention of
    half a million rock and roll,
    an American 1960s graffiti convention.

    The rebellious children of bourgeois families came, and the beautiful cars were parked on both sides of the road;
    so did the hippies riding the cool Harleys, and the Hamlet melancholy of "to be or not to be" became their spiritual confessions in front of the camera.
    After three days they were gone, going home or looking for the next...

  • Altered States Altered States

    Monique 2022-10-23 02:09:26

    God made! The director must also be a quantum theory lover!

    If nothing else, just the idea that consciousness can affect reality and thus materialize it is enough to give this film 4 points, and the other point is for special effects (that was 37 years ago!! In 1980, it was said that special effects were not good. Look for the works of the same period), there is a very famous experiment in quantum theory: Schrödinger's cat, which probably means that consciousness affects matter, and consciousness determines matter.
         In the film, the male...

  • Raat Akeli Hai Raat Akeli Hai

    Monique 2022-10-05 23:15:56

    A show feast

    I recently fell in love with an Indian actress, Radhika Apte, who attracted me to tearing up Indian movies some time ago. After careful study, she discovered that she is extraordinary, young, and only slightly famous in 2015. After that, she was shortlisted for Palme d'Or twice, and she is currently India's closest actor to an international film award. With Deepika Padukone and Piyaka Chopra, they are among the top three internationally renowned actresses in India. Then I learned about the...

  • Camille Claudel Camille Claudel

    Monique 2022-09-30 00:27:55

    Looking for love for half a lifetime, and finally giving a lifetime for love.

    The 1988 film, even if you watch it again at the Shanghai Film Festival in 2019, has a sense of timelessness. Sure enough, a good film will never fade due to the passage of time. Before watching this movie, what impressed Adjani the most was the crazy and psychedelic performance in "Infatuation" (well...actually, I really didn't understand the movie), which made it difficult to follow the bright and dazzling performance. Goddess Adjani is connected, and after Rodin's lover, she really has...

  • Che: Part One Che: Part One

    Monique 2022-09-18 06:34:34

    I see the legend of cut

    The winner is the king and the loser is the bandit. To put it bluntly, it is as simple as that. The legendary point is that it has both. When it wins in Cuba, violence is called revolution. When Bolivar failed, this violence became a rebellion, and at this point he became a loser. Originally, we could draw an end to his life here, but what is even more legendary is that Che sacrificed in an idealistic attitude, which is far beyond the constraints of ideology, and Che is no longer pure The image...

  • Satan's Slaves Satan's Slaves

    Monique 2022-09-16 02:26:23

    Watch the movie in one minute

    After the singer's mother passed away, the family's life was difficult, and strange things often happened at home. Fortunately, the priest's son who wanted to soak up the eldest daughter helped and found the magic stick to tell the secret of Satanism: it turned out that the old mother joined the church because of infertility, and the father was green and glowing. The youngest son will be taken away at the age of seven, but it can be solved if the family loves each other.


  • Death in Venice Death in Venice

    Monique 2022-09-08 22:18:43

    In this city, I am willing to stay for you regardless of my life.

    In a quiet early morning, with so many movies on the computer, I still decided to choose such a sad and beautiful love tragedy, a desperate mime to respond to the late night.

    I don't think there is a greater movie than this, in this light yet touching heartfelt emotion, which must have transcended morality, gender, origin of any mundane mortal beauty.

    In the 130-minute movie, he did not have a face-to-face word with him, but he knew deeply that he loved him so deeply....

  • Fantasia 2000 Fantasia 2000

    Monique 2022-08-05 19:33:19

    Breathtaking musical?

    I was bored looking at the old movies and turned to this movie. I was not interested in it. I was listening while playing on my mobile phone. I accidentally caught a glimpse of the movie screen. I was attracted by the strong visual impact of the butterfly full of screens. Every short movie is so. It’s wonderful, and it’s perfect with classical music. Looking at me, I am confused. Is this an animation for classical music? Or did you add classical music to the animation? Logically speaking, it...

  • Disconnect Disconnect

    Monique 2022-07-31 18:41:27

    Disconnected emotional network

    The movie is divided into three story lines. 1. (Video sex service) the story of the reporter and the interviewee, the relationship between the benefactor and the beneficiary; 2 (chat dating site) the relationship between a married woman and strange netizens, the stolen and the victim; 3. ( Social networking site Facebook) the relationship between parents and children, teaser and self-harm. The three-day story line develops side by side, pushing to a climax at the end, with a tense sword. But...

  • The Barbarian Invasions The Barbarian Invasions

    Monique 2022-06-15 16:14:16


    An old dying man, an intellectual who was once romantic, faced death in the most intellectual way in the last days of his life. This is a better ending. When my father, a history professor, was sitting outside the house with his old friends, he chatted about various doctrines, concepts, viewpoints, and even his judgment on the Great Revolution. He enjoys the joy that knowledge brings to his life, and even though he can only sit in a wheelchair, he can use his head to travel around and create...

  • Monique 2023-09-21 12:46:22

    My roommate especially liked it, he firmly felt that there is a world like Dirk Gently. So when Dud flipped over from the rollaway bed, we both boiled over. Ha ha ha ha. I think it's not bad, but the second season of prime didn't show it, so I'll give it a three-star for the time being.

  • Monique 2023-09-18 02:42:47

    The limited-time stage version of Sheldon and other stars I watched last May. Very very very good. Many tears.

  • Monique 2023-08-30 17:38:55

    Why is it a routine for a beautiful woman to dress up as an ugly woman. Black frame glasses, disheveled hair, 70's clothing.

  • Monique 2023-08-20 20:06:55

    It's too late to eat, the second season is coming soon

  • Monique 2023-08-19 04:36:56

    Funny, suitable for watching with friends, super lively~

  • Monique 2023-08-06 04:24:00

    It's an entertainment film, it's enough to have a pretty girl, a handsome guy, a motorcycle plasma and a weird aunt.

  • Monique 2023-06-29 22:50:27

    All anti-dogma and anti-tradition is another self-righteous cliché, the mule is too weak, it's shot like a school student

  • Monique 2023-06-29 05:50:15

    I really don't know what the subject of this is. Bloody violence makes it impossible to classify it as an educational subject. It may be an adult movie, but it's not very enjoyable after watching it. I really don't know what kind of audience it is to please; it may be a director, or an investor. Anyway, I can't feel good about any kind of people I play with, how can there be such a film that no one will be happy after watching it. There are jokes in the tap, but which part is funny?

  • Monique 2023-06-17 18:01:53

    Silly brother is so good that his sisters are all heartbroken

  • Monique 2023-06-07 11:20:17

    The house is not the purpose, the key is the people who live together

  • Monique 2023-06-04 17:38:57

    Three and a half. Lift your weight lightly and send your friends to heaven. How two self-enclosed people are dependent on each other.

  • Monique 2023-06-02 10:30:51

    The meaning of life is to make choices. Every choice you make leads to another choice. Some choices can change your life.

  • Monique 2023-05-17 06:54:27

    I still remember laughing and being moved when I watched it, the heroine is very beautiful.

  • Monique 2023-05-12 04:50:38

    Surprisingly not bad? Movies that cannot discuss logic or reason, nothing makes sense, its just weird! Kelly LeBrock is really sexy and has a great body. The radishes are typically made with soy sauce, but they are so tender and beautiful.

  • Monique 2023-05-10 12:09:40

    Beauty is beautiful, and the queen is also extremely beautiful. It's just that most of the films are more dramatic, and the look and feel is a normal process, and then it becomes dramatic, so I don't particularly like it. But the last paragraph, under the rendering of the soundtrack, is amazing!