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2022-03-23 08:01
In a bizarre murder case in Russia, a teenager from Chechnya is about to be convicted of "first-degree murder" for allegedly killing his adoptive father, and the victim is a Russian military officer who participated in the crackdown in Chechnya in the past. On the night of the crime, no one witnessed the murder with their own eyes, but on the surface, the testimony and physical evidence were very unfavorable to the juvenile.
After listening to the prosecution and defense, 12 jury members from different professions and positions gathered in the school gym next to the courthouse to discuss whether to convict the Chechen juvenile. One of the jurors, despite everyone else agreeing to be "guilty," pushed back against the crowd and demanded that the discussion be reopened to give the teenager one last chance. The request angered 11 other jurors, who agreed there was no need to waste time trying to overturn a case that had already been "closed." Unwilling to give up, the juror not only made a case in the teen's favor, but also managed to persuade the other jurors to reverse the outcome of the trial. In his efforts, jurors began to re-examine the entire case based on their own past experience   .
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  • 2-y prisyazhnyy: So, we're voting on whether the defendant is guilty. Hands up, please.

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