12:08 East of Bucharest background creation

2022-07-11 12:11
Sixteen years ago, a communist-led revolution liberated Romania, but there is still debate as to whether the revolution has fully fulfilled its promise. The film is the first film directed by Cornelius Polanboyu, which is low-key and not to please the audience, which is very different from the film themes that the new generation of directors in Romania are interested in and pay attention to.
The power of cinema lies in its simplicity. At the beginning of the film, director Cornelius Boramboyu recreated the former communist world with innocuous and modest segments with a witty sense of humor, a sense of hilarity that was captured on the television recording site. Zoom in to the climax. The performances of the deadpan professional actors are also brilliant, and the ending movement ends with a gentle poem.
The title A fost sau na fost? It's Romanian, which means "there or not?", and it's a question posed in the film by a small local TV station trying to investigate the events of December 22, 1989. For foreign audiences, it may be difficult to understand that the setting of the film is not Bucharest or Timisoara, but an unknown town. What happened in the town square served as the backdrop for later TV talk, and most viewers would probably think that such a location could be anywhere in Eastern Europe. If the film can give some explanatory dialogue, maybe it can solve this shortcoming.
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