12:08 East of Bucharest movie plot

2022-07-11 22:02
December 22 is the anniversary of the victory of the revolution. The film begins to introduce the appearance of the three actors, starting from their daily life every morning. Manescu (Teo Corban), a history teacher, wakes up from his couch after a night of drunkenness and has no memory of what happened last night, even though he insulted a Chinese shopkeeper at the bar. Retiree Piscoci (Mircea Andreescu) lives alone, bouncing and dancing as Santa Claus for his neighbor's kids. Meanwhile, TV director Jderescu (Ion Sapdaru) is busy and critical in choosing guests for his TV talk show. The topic of this issue is about revolution.
Undoubtedly, the only guests who could shock him were Manescu and Piscoci. About halfway through the film, a hilarious live TV "big discussion" about the explosive question begins: Did this revolution really happen in their little town, or didn't it?
The answer to this question has remained with any of the opponents who have gathered in the town square since the dictator Ceausescu was expelled from the presidential palace at 12:08 on December 22, 1989. While Manescu insisted that he was among them at the time, TV viewers who called in disagreed, and the debate led to a lively atmosphere on the live show, while also showing how memories can be altered by the years.
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