24 Hours to Live evaluation action

2022-04-03 08:01
"24 Hours to Live" is a typical B-level investment action thriller. In the case of popcorn movies, flavor refurbishment is far less important than flavor stabilization. Viewers shouldn't expect the film to offer any big surprises. The "sci-fi" setting of the film is purely a gimmick. The prop engineer implanted a countdown LED screen into the actor's arm, which did not make the sense of urgency of time in the film more prominent. It would be more exciting to have a time bomb tied to the actor's body that cannot be removed.
The villains in 24 Hours to Live are boring. The Red Mountain Company is obviously plagiarized from the umbrella company in "Resident Evil", but its motivation and logic are far-fetched. The film's only attempt at anti-routine is probably not to let the villain boss "die for too many words", and the conclusion is relatively straightforward. However, the second half of the film is still weak, and it is all supported by Ethan Hawke's shootout.fluttering   .
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  • Allen 2022-04-06 09:01:07

    The alimony for him and Thurman's daughter appears to be substantial. . . Hawke must have been No. 1 in the WeChat campaign that day. He went to Hong Kong and then to Johannesburg in one day. The movie composed of memories is absolutely terrible. Xu Qing's acting skills came from Xiaoao Jianghu. Killing Xu Qing in the hotel, the whole play ends, perfect. Of course, the film is not without merit. For example, 1/4 of the male protagonist was beaten to death. To be honest, I still woke up here.

  • Lela 2022-04-06 09:01:07

    Watching this film is no different from self-harm series! The screenwriter's forehead opened wide, and the sea water poured into it.

24 Hours to Live quotes

  • Travis Conrad: What's happening with me?

    Jasmine Morrow: You're gonna die, again.

  • Wetzler: What are you doing?

    Jim Morrow: I'm having a drink.

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