24 Hours to Live movie plot

2022-04-03 08:01
, a fatherless ex-Marine, ends his service at a sinister private military agency when he is killed by a veteran and contractor Jimarranges an assassination mission to assassinate a whistleblower accusing Red Mountain. However, the target is protected by Interpol police officer Lin. Lynn kills Travis in the process of protecting her target, but Red Mountain uses secretly researched experimental medical technology to bring him back to life on the operating table, giving him an extra day and he only has 24 hours left. s life. Later, Travis learned of the criminal organization's shocking conspiracy. With the help of Interpol Lin, he decided to use his only remaining 24 hours of life to rebuild the goal and go straight to the organization's "house" to complete revenge and atonement   .
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24 Hours to Live quotes

  • Frank: My point is, you've got no soul. And there's no light inside, and they know that. They see it. They smell it.

  • [first lines]

    Keith Zera: [driving along in UN convoy] You know, I remember the first time I set foot in Africa. Thought I'd hate it just like Iraq, you know? Figured, it's just more fucking sand to kill each other over. But I was wrong. It was the most beautiful place I ever seen. Took my fucking breath away.

    Keith Zera: Then I signed with red mountain after my second tour. You know they offered four times what the army paid? Better equipment, choose your deployments. My family's piss-poor, so I thought I hit the lottery. You know? Get rich to make the world safe? Fuck yeah. Yeah, so much for that.

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