Colette evaluation action

2022-06-29 20:29
It's a beautiful period biopic, but with a thoroughly modern theme. Biopics run the risk of being boring, and Colette is an exception. This is largely due to the heroine, Keira Christina Knightley, who has a seductively modern air about her, both in her demeanor and in her boldness and independence when interacting with men on screen. She brings a nuanced and masterful interpretation of the role of Colette. The scenes of physical intimacy are very intriguing, with few shots but a lot of impact. Keira Christina Knightley's performance is remarkable   .
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Colette quotes

  • Colette: Did you ever feel like you were playing a part, Sido?

    Sido: In what way?

    Colette: As a wife. Or a mother. Like you were just going through with it.

    Sido: Sometimes, as a wife. Never as a mother.

  • Colette: I can read you like the top line of an optician's chart.

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