Colette movie plot

2022-06-29 19:37
At the end of the 19th century, country girl Colette married writer Willie. He suggested that his wife try writing, and when she wrote a novel based on a story from his school days, he published it under his own name. "Claudine" was a literary sensation, and Willie forced Colette to write more. He even locked Colette in the room when he refused. Gradually, they came to a settlement, and both parties were free to choose the life they wanted while remaining married. Colette realizes her husband's infidelity and asks Willie to drop other women. Later, Colette herself began to deviate from the track of marriage, trying to test her attractiveness to other women   .
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Colette quotes

  • Colette: I Can Read You Like The Top Line of an Optician's Chart.

  • Colette: Did you ever feel like you were playing a part, Sido?

    Sido: In what way?

    Colette: As a wife. Or a mother. Like you were just going through with it.

    Sido: Sometimes, as a wife. Never as a mother.

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