Where Is the Friend's House? movie plot

2022-02-03 08:04
A group of children listen to their teacher in a classroom at an elementary school in a remote mountain village in Iran. When checking the homework, the teacher found that Muhammad had repeatedly failed to complete his homework, so he severely criticized him, saying that he would be fired immediately if he did it again. The teacher emphasizes to the students that this is to help them establish good rules. After school that day, the little boy Ahmed found that he had brought home the workbook of his deskmate, Muhand. After understanding the teacher's persuasion, Amud understood that this homework was the proof that Muhand continued to listen to the lecture. In order to return the workbook to his deskmate, Ahmed had hoped that his mother and grandfather could lend a helping hand, but both failed. Therefore, he can only go forward alone, go to the village in the opposite mountain to find the same table, and return the workbook. However, because he didn't know the home of the same table, he hit a wall everywhere and encountered unimaginable difficulties and obstacles   .
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  • Adah 2022-03-28 09:01:13

    @小西天. All the hallmarks of his films can be found in Abbas's style-forming work: the boy's lonely journey, the bitter and absurd repetition of life (adults repeat their own words over and over, ignoring children's requests; boys obsessively repeat their own Demands, ran over the Z-shaped hillside twice), the long-range long-range lens and the inside reverse shot, and the poetry of the dried flowers in the workbook. The robber logic that teaches children to be strong and obedient is so familiar, so the boy's odyssey has long gone beyond the connotation of pure friendship, and contains the meaning of rebellion against discipline. But paradoxically, the boy's persistent search came from the fear of the teacher's threat of punishment. Abbas gave a relatively bright ending, and may that little flower protect the boy from escaping the cycle told by grandpa forever.

  • Cyril 2022-03-28 09:01:13

    Wandering stubbornly groaning familiar frustration.. a tiny flower in the final workbook at the end

Where Is the Friend's House? quotes

  • Grandfather's Friend: What I mean to say is, suppose the kid did nothing wrong. What would you do? What then?

    Grandfather: I'd find an excuse and give him a beating every other week. So he wouldn't forget.

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