The Hurricane Heist evaluation action

2022-06-29 19:34
"The Hurricane Heist" is a movie in the style of the 1990s. In many ways, the film seems outdated and doesn't know how to play to its strengths   . The film is absurd, each character has their motivation written up front, and the scenes inspired by the hurricane are utterly insane   . Director Rob Cohen's focus is not on the storyline and characters, and he has not been able to properly incorporate elements such as floods and hurricanes into the films he directed. There are many scenes of cars moving in weightlessness in the film, and the director shows them directly, but there are too many scenes like this, and the audience finds it boring   .
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The Hurricane Heist quotes

  • Casey: We should take the fight to them.

    Will: How do you mean?

    Casey: Car bomb. We detonate it at a safe distance, but... car bomb. We just need ammonia, fertilizer, diesel, things we can get at a garden supply store.

    Will: How the hell do you know that?

    Casey: When you're a fed, they teach you this shit. Timothy McVeigh took out the federal building with that.

  • Breeze: They sure as shit got the money. And they sure as shit got her, too. Let me ask you a question, Willie. We could just let the whole pack of 'em go, money and all.

    Will: What'd they teach you in the army? Leave no man behind. You forget that?

    Breeze: I was just testing. Nice to see you grow a pair since this morning.

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