The Hurricane Heist background creation

2022-06-29 23:44
Director Rob Cohen believes that the fundamental reason for the raging of Category 5 hurricanes is the industrialization of human beings in the past, which has led to global warming. The increase in temperature will lead to intensified sea level movement, so as to promote the production of hurricanes. He wanted to make a movie like this. During the hurricane-raging scene, crews built a 20-foot-tall botanical garden. For the scene of a Category 5 hurricane causing floods to destroy a flower house, the team behind the film built a flower house scene at a 1:1 scale, with a total of 44,000 gallons of water pouring down from the transparent roof of the flower house   .
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The Hurricane Heist quotes

  • Perkins: The vault, how long?

    Frears: We have to substitute an IO device by loading a hungus driver routine into one of the monitor's wormholes.

    Perkins: English.

    Sasha: Thirty minutes.

  • Breeze: What you doing here, Willie?

    Will: There's a hurricane coming, and it's gonna be a mother.

    Breeze: [offering a bottle of booze] Some breakfast?

    [Will finds a pair of women's underwear in the bathroom]

    Breeze: Yeah. They're not mine.

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