4:44 Last Day on Earth evaluation action

2022-03-06 08:01
The concept of "4:44 Last Day on Earth" is not new. Before 2012, there were a lot of topics like this, but even if she shoots the leftovers of others, Ferrara will have a strong personal style. Director Ferrara placed most of the scenes in the two protagonists' studios, which are almost closed spaces except for the balcony. People use different behaviors to show emotions of anxiety, fear, calmness, or numbness. The hero and heroine are indulged in art and sex, and everything looks normal and calm.
Under this calm, the director uses deliberately steady shots, long-term detail performance, and a slow narrative rhythm to push the audience and characters' psychology into a desperate situation. In the film, Ferrara expresses her attitude and response to "The Doomsday" with a single scene, two main characters and several selected messages delivered through multimedia. Although the concept goes to the extreme, the film language is much more restrained than his previous works. The lens is no longer full of irresponsible violence, and the black features are more reflected in emotions rather than naked in the picture, giving people more spiritual than visual despair stimulation.
"4:44 Last Day on Earth" is an attempt by Ferrara, and the way of expressing is obviously not as handy as his previous naked and unscrupulous dark style. Therefore, this dark fantasy artist only submitted a passing work this time   .
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Extended Reading
  • Lionel 2022-04-20 09:02:42

    Why not make it more romantic and concise, the pervasive news at the beginning (outside) immediately falls into a vacuum (inner) because of a sex scene, simple and beautiful. After that, all kinds of chores poured in, the director's demands became complicated, and the level gradually got out of control. After all, this kind of "doomsday" for all mankind is too far from reality, and it seems too fake to think about being realistic.

  • Silas 2022-04-20 09:02:42

    A great image, the image contains two opposing emotions at the same time. the thing you love the most, it's kind of like Reggio with the music.

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