4:44 Last Day on Earth movie plot

2022-03-06 08:01
Ciscoandlive in a room on a certain floor in a towering apartment building in seemingly peaceful New York City. For a very loving and stylishly dressed couple, both of whom have achieved their own success in the arts - Skye is a painter and Cisco is a greatly recognized actor. It looked like a normal and normal afternoon, with Cisco and Skye drinking and having sex as usual.
However, if you are in it, you will know how unusual the current situation is. Everyone here, including them, is quietly waiting for the clock to steadily and steadily move towards 4:44 in the next morning, because at this moment, this already exhausted and unburdened world finally At the end of the day, the doomsday will sweep the entire earth at an incredible speed in an instant.
There is no alarm, no panic, because all people have clearly known that they have no possibility and hope of surviving, and they have nowhere to run. Whether it is calm or helpless, they can only accept this established fate - just As usual, some may have lit their last cigarette, others opted to cover their eyes with blindfolds. They always held on to a glimmer of hope, trying to suspend the pain before the end of the day. But for the lovers of Cisco and Skye, like the vast majority of people on earth, they have calmly accepted this irreversible ending, that the whole world will eventually come to an end   .
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  • Name 2022-04-20 09:02:42

    Just right for a refreshing night

  • Krystal 2022-04-20 09:02:42

    It's a good stream of consciousness film, but apart from a close-up sex scene and non-stop superimposition, the form presented is very close to reality, and I don't know how to evaluate it. Rumbling, graffiti, videos, visiting friends, dancing, having sex... Unfortunately, there is nothing moving. Even got the Golden Lion nomination

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