7 Days movie plot

2022-07-10 20:57
Summary 1
Bruno Hamel is a 38-year-old Exquisite Tenderness who lives in Drummondville with his wife ylvie and eight-year-old daughter Jasmine . His life is as unremarkable as many happy people. Until one beautiful autumn afternoon, her daughter was raped and killed. From this moment on, the Hamel family's world completely collapsed. After the murderer is apprehended, Bruno's dark brain begins to hatch a terrifying plan. He wants to catch the murderer and make him pay the price he deserves. Bruno then began careful planning to kidnap the murderer from the courtroom and inform the police that he would torture the murderer for seven days and execute him, after which he would surrender himself to the police.
Summary 2
The movie tells the story of the hero's beloved daughter who was killed. After 7 days of revenge, what did he gain? Exquisite Tenderness Bruno Saltor Grau -Hamel, 38, lives in Drummondville ( a city in Québec English , Canada ) with his wife Sylvie and daughter Jasmine. The family is happy and living a happy life. Until that beautiful autumn afternoon, his daughter was killed. Since then, happiness is gone forever and everything has changed. When the killer is arrested, a horrific plan begins to sprout in Bruno Saltor Grau's mind. " himself and make his blood debts repaid. While the killer is being escorted to court, Bruno Saltor Grau embarks on a quest for revenge. First kidnapped the murderer, and then texted the police: This unconscionable guy will be sentenced to death after 7 days of torture .
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