Autopsy evaluation action

2022-07-09 23:04
The movie is a classic among American horror movies. The whole show is full of violence and gore from beginning to end. The music also creates a strong terrifying atmosphere. The most terrifying thing is that at the end, the victims also began to retaliate by dissecting living people.
If it is said that the doctor in the hospital has no humanity, but he still kills his wife who has cancer to find live organs for experiments. The most shocking thing is to hang the man's internal organs and let them live to deliver blood and nutrients to his wife. Material-love, which is sacred and great, is deeply selfishly twisted in this film, which is disgusting and disgusting. The movie is rather humorous. When the doctor drilled the heroine's skull with a drill, he was furious because he couldn't drill normally. The nurse said, "This is imported, even imported." Fortunately, due to quality reasons, time was created for the heroine's escape. After being afraid and losing the person you love, the weak will become strong, so when the heroine rises up to fight back the killing, you also applaud and hope that she will give the killer another blow and smash their skulls. In the most critical time, don't rush to ask for help, sometimes you are the most reliable, as the ghost in the hospital said: "Call a doctor?" How do you know they are here to help you?
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Autopsy quotes

  • Scott: I just brought you to chemical Disneyland and your asking for fucking antibiotics?

    BobbyJude: I got some guy's blood in my mouth

    Scott: That's fucked up... did you ask him too?

  • [last lines]

    Dmitriy: Doctor am I going to be okay?

    Dr. Benway: [gasses him] I don't think so

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