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2022-07-12 17:38
"Flicka" changed the little boy in the original novel into a lovable girl, but the warm blend of people and horses remained unchanged. The 27-year-old Alison Lohman played a 16-year-old girl without seeming abrupt, and Tim McGraw also returned to the original Western cowboy image. The real selling point of this tale of a teenage dreamer and a mustang is its simplicity and sincerity, with no complicated jumping flashbacks or boring coyness, which, with great cinematography, makes the film look like a book of beauty The picture album   .
Although "Flicka" is a low-cost inspirational movie, considering the number of theaters close to 3,000 and the popularity of the original novel, it is still difficult to escape the word "box office slump". The scenes of lingering in the beautiful scenery, the rebellious girl with perfect anti-bone spirit, the classical rural life, the interpersonal relationship of Datong, the harmonious society between man and nature, all are quite similar to the movies "Horse Whisperer" and "Dreamer". Lack of originality. Although the heroine Allison Lohman struggled to fully portray a girl who was nearly 10 years younger than her actual age, the ambiguous and running account-style narrative techniques of the other characters on the scene, and the sad context of sadness and sadness, made people very uncomfortable. Difficult to raise interest   .
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Flicka quotes

  • Nell McLaughlin: [At breakfast] And for your dining pleasure, gentlemen: Wild gooseberry pancakes with crème fraiche and rosemary chicken sausage.

    Rob McLaughlin: Well, who lives better than us?

    Howard McLaughlin: Uh, let me think... the Rockefellers?

  • Nell McLaughlin: Give her the horse.

    Rob McLaughlin: No.

    Nell McLaughlin: C'mon honey, training her own horse will make her responsible for something and she'll feel proud of herself.

    Rob McLaughlin: Here it comes... psycho babble. This isn't about psychology. Now, this is about discipline and I'm not gonna reward bad behavior.

    Nell McLaughlin: That sure sounds like psychology to me.

    Rob McLaughlin: No. Horse.

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