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2022-07-12 17:38
"Flicka" changed the little boy in the original novel into a lovable girl, but the warm blend of people and horses remained unchanged. The 27-year-old Alison Lohman played a 16-year-old girl without seeming abrupt, and Tim McGraw also returned to the original Western cowboy image. The real selling point of this tale of a teenage dreamer and a mustang is its simplicity and sincerity, with no complicated jumping flashbacks or boring coyness, which, with great cinematography, makes the film look like a book of beauty The picture album   .
Although "Flicka" is a low-cost inspirational movie, considering the number of theaters close to 3,000 and the popularity of the original novel, it is still difficult to escape the word "box office slump". The scenes of lingering in the beautiful scenery, the rebellious girl with perfect anti-bone spirit, the classical rural life, the interpersonal relationship of Datong, the harmonious society between man and nature, all are quite similar to the movies "Horse Whisperer" and "Dreamer". Lack of originality. Although the heroine Allison Lohman struggled to fully portray a girl who was nearly 10 years younger than her actual age, the ambiguous and running account-style narrative techniques of the other characters on the scene, and the sad context of sadness and sadness, made people very uncomfortable. Difficult to raise interest   .
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  • [first lines]

    Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: [narration] I live on top of the world... in the Never Summer Mountains of Wyoming, 8,000 feet closer to the sky. In my mountains when spring finally comes to save me from a perpetual winter, the world comes to life again and I remember what it is I'm here for. I'm the only daughter in a long line of ranchers and when we let our horses out for the first time every spring, I love to watch them rediscover the world. I can see in them an expression of my own restless spirit. Charged with an appetite for adventure, they take to the land without hesitation. They are pure power. When I see them running wild and free, I often think of the first horses and how they were the true pioneers of America.

  • [last lines]

    Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: [narration] I believe there is a force in this world that lives beneath the surface, something primitive and wild that awakens when you need an extra push just to survive, like wildflowers that bloom after a fire turns the forest black. Most people are afraid of it and keep it buried deep inside themselves. But there will always be a few people who have the courage to love what is untamed inside us. One of those men is my father. There was once a time when Americans came west to discover their destiny. Today, they seem to move around every which way, restless and unsettled. But I think they're still looking for the same thing - a place where they can be optimistic about the future, a place that helps them to be who they really want to be, where they can feel that this life makes sense, a place where they can feel what I feel when I'm riding Flicka - because when we're riding, all I feel... is free.

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