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2022-07-12 16:30
16-year-old Katie McLaughlin's biggest dream is to be able to independently run her father Rob's large farm in Wyoming, but her father does not support her dream, but insists Katie go to college. Katie stumbled across a wild horse in the woods, she took in the wild horse, and named it "Flicka", intending to slowly train it into her own special mount. However, in the days and nights spent with Flicka, Katie found that Flicka is not a simple horse. There are many places on it that are very similar to him. They also despise authority and plan to never stop fighting for their freedom. At this time, Katie's father planned to sell Flicka regardless of her objection. Heartbroken Katie resolutely stood on the opposite side of her father for her beloved horse and for her own freedom   .
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Flicka quotes

  • Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: A trim, split ends. That's it.

    Nell McLaughlin: Sweetheart, just a few inches for the summer.

    Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: No.

    Nell McLaughlin: You stop it. I get better reasoned arguments from the hens.

    Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: Short hair makes me look like a boy.

    Nell McLaughlin: No. That would be impossible, you're so beautiful. What was that thing that uh, Gus said? You're a... a flicka.

    Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: A flicka?

    Nell McLaughlin: Yeah. 'Pretty girl'.

    [changes the subject]

    Nell McLaughlin: So how's your friend Stephanie?

    Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: Shallow. Vain.

    [Nell laughs]

    Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: The usual.

    Nell McLaughlin: Since when?

    Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: Since Eric. Or was it Justin? I lost track.

    Nell McLaughlin: Well, you never know what'll happen. People can surprise you.

    [pours bucket of water on Katie's head]

    Nell McLaughlin: Surprise!

    [Katie shrieks and chases Nell, both are laughing]

  • Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: [to Nell] That's the wild horse. Isn't she beautiful?

    Nell McLaughlin: Well, she's something, that's for sure.

    Rob McLaughlin: That's a dangerous animal.

    Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: She's just scared.

    Nell McLaughlin: I'd say she's about two years-old.

    Rob McLaughlin: Yeah, two years wild.

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