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2022-07-12 09:15
  1. The thoroughbred horse that plays an important role in the film suddenly dies in a strange accident, so that the filming has been interrupted. After a series of investigations by the Los Angeles animal protection organization, it was determined that it was an accident, and the film was allowed to continue shooting.
  2. Singer Tim McGraw's song "My Little Girl" for the film is his first lyricist.
  3. Alison Lohman, who played Katie, was 27 years old when the film was filmed, and she is only 16 years old in the film.
  4. The protagonist in the original novel is a 16-year-old boy "Ken", but the screenwriter thought that the interaction between father and daughter would be more interesting, so he changed the protagonist to a girl   .
  5. All the cast and crew involved in the film were required to learn how to deal with the various habits of horses, and the crew also set up a "cowboy training camp" for this purpose   .
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Flicka quotes

  • Miranda Koop: [to the horse that Howard is bringing to the stall] Hey, handsome.

    Howard McLaughlin: [jokes that she was calling him that] Oh, thanks. What do you think about the horse?


  • Rick Koop: Sweetie, everything changes in this life. You know, one day some lucky guy's gonna marry you. What are you gonna do if he doesn't want a ranch?

    Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: Break off the engagement.

    Rick Koop: [laughs] Oh, wait 'til you fall in love, sweetie.

    Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: Well, then I guess I won't fall in love.

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