Foxfire movie plot

2022-07-08 23:04
Four young girls with different life trajectories, Tracy McGrady (Hedy Burress), a girl who likes to record everything with a camera lens, and Rita (Jenny Lewis), a timid and introverted girl, who came from a wealthy family but always Goldie (played by Jenny Shimizu), who was beaten by his father, and a girl named Violet (played by Sarah Rosenberg), Ben lived the same campus life at art school. However, these days of following the rules were broken by a wandering girl "Legs" (Angelina Jolie) who suddenly came here. The weak Rita was sexually harassed by the male teacher but dared not speak, and Legs stepped forward to save her. Soon, the five girls became friends, and the rebellious Legs became the leader of "Foxfire". They use an old abandoned house in the countryside as a secret base. They began to fight and rebel, and they began to find their own selves. However, this path of pursuing absolute freedom gradually deviates from the original trajectory   .
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Foxfire quotes

  • Goldie: Yo! Does this bitch ALWAYS talk in exclamation marks?

  • Maddy: If I told you that I loved you, would you take it the wrong way?

    Legs: I'll take it however you want me to.

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