A Summer's Tale evaluation action

2022-07-08 16:00
Spring love comes and goes without a trace; summer love is half-hearted and doesn’t know where to go; autumn love needs to be taken care of until the fruit is ripe; winter love has to wait forever.
Rohmer, a love expert in the film industry, slowly and carefully condensed his research experience into four films: The Story of the Four Seasons - with spring, summer, autumn and winter as the theme and background respectively, telling the love that makes fans the most enthusiastic Short story.
Rohmer's films are full of literature and philosophy. Through the men and women in the story, he expresses his eternal wisdom about love and morality.
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A Summer's Tale quotes

  • Margot: I see. I'm the substitute.

    Gaspard: In fact, a substitute for a substitute.

  • Margot: Friendship's a gag, but trifles are serious!

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