A Summer's Tale movie plot

2022-07-08 16:11
For an unclear agreement, Jasper came to the resort town of Brittany's summer seaside, checked into a friend's vacant room during the summer vacation, and waited for the "so-called girlfriend" to meet him. Jasper studied mathematics, but loved folk music, and occasionally wrote songs for his own amusement. He met Margaux, who was working in a restaurant, on the beach. Although Margot already has a boyfriend, she secretly likes Jasper, but Jasper only regards her as a confidant who can talk about everything. His expectations for love are still placed in the "girlfriend" who has never appeared. body.
The summer of youth always runs fast. Jasper has become impatient with his "girlfriend" who has been missing for a long time, so he looks for another flower bush. , but lively and generous, full of physical charm. Su Lan quickly developed a relationship with Jasper. Margot, who was left out in the cold, supported Jasper's no longer foolishly obsessed with an illusory "girlfriend", but he couldn't hide his jealousy. Jasper and Su Lan visited her uncle together, went out to sea fishing together, and sang the "pirate song" he composed. It was very pleasant. So Jasper decided to take Su Lan and set foot on the road that was supposed to be him. A dream island trip with a girlfriend.
However, at this time, his "so-called girlfriend" Lina finally appeared and told him that it was Barcelona's enthusiasm that delayed her trip. Jasper was overjoyed that the girl he loved had returned to his side, and the world between the two seemed to be more beautiful than before, so Su Lan naturally had to step aside. But the unpredictable Linna, whose mood is always sunny and rainy, was sweet yesterday and cold today. When Jasper proposed a plan to visit the island together, she was reluctant, and even cruelly humiliated Jasper and let him He was disheartened. So, he turned around to find Su Lan again.
Just when Su Lan agreed and the two were about to set off for a swim in the sea, Linna changed her mind and said softly that she wanted to spend a vacation with him. Jasper, who was always good to Linna, couldn't say anything. The word "no". Now, he panicked and didn't know what to do, so he could only ask Margo for help. One summer, three girls, Jasper, who was facing Qin Muchu, what to do? Find a way out in this ecstasy of love? 
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A Summer's Tale quotes

  • Lena: Some days I'd like to be stupid and ugly. I only meet guys who want to paw me. Never anyone I can just talk to. I think it's a shame... that nine times out of ten, when a guy talks to a girl... he's got another thought in mind.

  • Lena: [singing] l'll be gone for months / Leaving Margot / Raise the sail, Santiano / Leaving the harbor of St. Malo

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