Surviving Picasso movie plot

2022-07-10 23:05
Picasso's admirable energy, creative flair and intricate love relationships are the essence of this film. When Picasso was 62 years old, he met Frances, a female painter who was nearly 40 years younger than him. The film seems to be a colorful canvas, depicting the true love story between the two of them. Frances lives together with Picasso despite the opposition of her family. The two then develop a ten-year and unforgettable love. In these ten years, despite Picasso's old age, the enthusiasm and charm that still remained could not prevent him from being with other women. Still can't separate   .
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Surviving Picasso quotes

  • Dora Maar: Who are your friends?

    Pierre: Francoise and Genevieve. They're painters.

    Dora Maar: What do they paint, besides their finger nails?

  • Dora Maar: Perhaps she thinks you'll immortalize her. Don't raise her hopes, Picassos may prove to be no more immortal than the skeleton of some extinct bird of prey.

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