84 Charing Cross Road movie plot

2022-04-08 08:01
In January 1969, American writer Helene Hanff Hailian lives in New York. She loves English literature, but 20 years ago, when she was young, her income was limited and she could not buy books in large quantities. She had to read several classic works in her hand repeatedly to satisfy her curiosity. By chance, she came across an ad in a magazine for a second-hand bookstore in England with books she hadn't been able to find anywhere in New York. So she managed to get in touch with Frank, the owner of the bookstore, and kept a correspondence. Slowly, the buyer-seller relationship turned into a personal exchange, in which they expressed literary views in letters, commented on literary works, and later exchanged their living conditions. Frank's letter is restrained, while Heleni's letter is straightforward and humorous. Heleni is determined to meet Frank in London, but the financial constraints make it difficult for her to do so. She finally fulfilled her promise, but it was too late: the bookstore closed immediately after Frank's death and was facing an auction. 
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  • Lindsay 2022-04-20 09:02:56

    Found out that I love Anthony Hopkins' set of A's! Oops, books, books, ah, I think of the rules when organizing books: throw away immediately if you don't want to leave it to your children. Hahahaha, lost a lot, a lot, a lot. 2011-11-04

  • Rachelle 2022-04-21 09:03:52

    Recently, I like the old movies of the 80s more and more, pure and textured. I regret that I read this book hastily, I want to re-read it. If you get a chance to go to 84 Charing Cross Road, remember to kiss him.

84 Charing Cross Road quotes

  • Helene Hanff: You know, Frankie, you're the only soul alive who understands me!

  • Helene Hanff: I hope "madam" doesn't mean over there what it means over here.

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