A Better Life movie plot

2022-03-28 08:01
An illegal Mexican immigrant, Roberto Carlos , was repairing the gardens of wealthy people in Los Angeles . He wanted to bring A Better Life to himself and his son, but then unpleasant things happened one after another. The truck he used to work was stolen, and his son also Trapped in adolescent rage and crime.
Roberto Carlos is a man with a "black hukou" who smuggled into the United States from Mexico, and lives with a 14-year-old son. His wife left him. Roberto Carlos works as a gardener, risking his life to go up and down trees and mow lawns for guests. His boss was about to go home, and before he left, he wanted to sell his truck and a load of gardener's tools. In order to have A Better Life, Roberto Carlos borrowed money from his sister and bought the car.
But on the first day of owning the car, Roberto Carlos' car was stolen by a man named Santiago. In order to get back the car and the life to come, Roberto Carlos and his son started a journey to find Santiago. Along the way, they saw the miserable lives of many Mexican immigrants with black hukou, the culture of Mexico and the lives of people in the Spanish-speaking community. After locating Sandiago, Roberto Carlos discovered that he had bought the car on the black market and that the stolen money had been sent home by him. In desperation, Roberto Carlos could only come to the black market to "steal" his own car. The car was returned to the hands smoothly, but the car without the windscreen; windshield was quickly targeted by the police. Without a driver's license and without legal immigration procedures, Roberto Carlos was quickly deported back to Mexico. His son had to live with his sister, Roberto Carlos.
Four months later, Roberto Carlos is back on the road of "smuggling" to the United States. He told himself that "home" was on the other side of the border, and all this was just for a "better life"   .
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A Better Life quotes

  • Carlos Galindo: This country is a land of dreams. It can be a hard place, a cruel place. But it's where I work, and I dream of a better place for my son.

  • Carlos Galindo: This truck is my only chance to grow this into something big. So we can move out of here and get you in a better school.

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