Knights of Badassdom movie plot

2022-10-19 21:16
Joe (Ryan Kwanten), who is still a young man, is struck out by his girlfriend Beth (Margarita Levieva), and in desperation, he is led by two bad friends, Eric (Steve Zahn) and Henry (Peter Dinklage). After returning to the old road of drug and alcohol addiction, and the upside-down psychedelic dream, Joe suddenly wakes up and finds that he is actually wearing medieval armor. It turned out that when he was in a coma, he was taken to the camp of the medieval fighting game by two patients with severe secondary illness. As soon as they come, they are safe, and the partners are fully armed and put into their own games and battles. The unreliable Eric brought a magic book in which a seance ceremony was held. No one took it seriously, but who knew that after they left, a witch actually appeared and started ruthless killing.
It turns out that this book was written by alchemists centuries ago to summon gods, but inadvertently established a connection with demons. 
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Knights of Badassdom quotes

  • Eric: [listening to Joe play on his guitar] That's a power ballad.

    Hung: What's wrong with him?

    Eric: Oh, she dumped you, didn't she?

    Joe: [Throws a rock at a picture of him and Beth, knocking it off the drawer] Fuck off!

    Hung: Woah, nice shot. So your body is already subconsciously moving on.

    Eric: I knew that this day would come.

    Joe: You had a vision of her just ripping out my heart huh?

    Eric: Yeah.

    Joe: Thanks for the heads up mighty warlock!

    Eric: I'm a twenty six level wizard buddy. I know you know that and you're just trying to be hurtful.

  • Hung: Adventuring is exactly what thou needst!

    Joe: "Needst" is not a word.

    Hung: Where we are, it is.

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