The One I Love movie plot

2022-01-11 08:01
Ethanand Sophie) married for many years, the feelings between each other by the concentration slowed and ultimately fell into deadlock. In order to save their marriage, the two decided to consult a love expert. Under the advice of the love expert, Ethan and Sophie went to a mysterious place for vacation. The love expert told them that the couples who had been here on holiday finally gained. A happy marriage. At the resort, Ethan and Sophie met another couple. What shocked them was that the couple looked exactly like them. Driven by curiosity, Ethan and Sophie decided to stay. As time went by, Sophie gradually fell in love with another Ethan. At the same time, Ethan also began to be confused as to whether his wife was the pillow man who had slept with him for many years   .
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The One I Love quotes

  • Ethan: Well, I'm not an aardvark.

    Ethan: [fake] And *I* am not a gorilla.

  • Sophie: [fake] Are you more concerned with the experiences that me and your Ethan shared or are you more concerned with what I know about the experiences that you and my Ethan shared?

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