A Cop movie plot

2022-07-08 19:57
A gang of robbers has robbed a bank in Saint-Jean-de-Monts, in the Vendée province of France, one of them has been injured, and a more risky hijack is being planned. Simon, the leader of this gang of robbers, is also the owner of a nightclub in Paris. Alain Delon, played by Sheriff Gurandrou, was commissioned to investigate the case, and he was a close friend of Simon in private. And Casey, played by Deneuve, was tossed between the two, forming a love triangle. Finally, according to the identities of the dead and injured robbers, the sheriff found out the identities of the remaining members one by one and brought them to justice. Simon was also shot and killed by the sheriff as he tried to flee.   .
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A Cop quotes

  • Commissaire Edouard Coleman: People will do the wrong thing, they always do.

  • Commissaire Edouard Coleman: I wasn't sure if he would commit suicide.

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