Punishment Park movie plot

2022-10-22 19:21
In the early 1970s, as the Vietnam War escalated and domestic protests grew louder, President Nixon launched the McCarran Act, enacted in the 1950s, to deal with domestic emergencies and to establish secret isolation camps that could Congressional approval can put those anti-war activists, radicals and even pacifists in jail without even any trial or evidence. In the vast desert of southwestern California, there is such an isolation camp. The prisoners in the isolation camp must travel through the desert to reach the base "Punishment Park" near the Big Bear Mountain National Park. It's a lock-down and punishment.
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Punishment Park quotes

  • Documentarist: [while the US-Flag is waving in the desert:] Under the provision of Title 2 of the 1950 Internal Security Act, also known as the McCarran Act, the President of the United States of America is still authorized, without further approval by Congress to determine an event of insurrection within the United States and to declare the existence of an "internal security emergency". The President is then authorized to apprehend and detain each person as to whom there is reasonable ground to believe probably will engage in certain future acts of sabotage. Persons apprehended shall be given a hearing, without right of bail, without the necessity of evidence and shall then be confined to places of detention.

  • James Arthur Kohler, Tribunal Defendant: My responsibilities as a citizen in this country do not include killing for it.

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