House of 9 evaluation action

2022-04-09 08:01
The biggest feature of "The Nine-person Confinement Room" is that the nine protagonists in the film represent all social classes, and the closed buildings are basically equivalent to a small society. In this special environment, the shrinking space also magnifies the dark side of human nature infinitely, and the naked infighting between people is undoubtedly exposed. Although everyone worked together to find a way out under the leadership of the police uncle at first, not only did they avoid cannibalism, but even danced and danced to make peace, but after the failure, signs of unease began to emerge, and the hysterical killing game finally began. The whole movie gives people an air of despair. In the most extreme way, it gradually unveils the veil of human hypocrisy, from unity to mutual killing, to torture human nature in the secret room of despair, and there is only one answer   .
In the thrilling plot, there is a line that runs through the whole film. That is human nature. In the face of money and interests, people are always unable to control. When the last person thought the game was over and walked out of the house with 5 million yuan, he walked into another abyss. The game is not over yet.
From the beginning of being trapped, to the process of distributing food, defending food, and robbing food, the film simply deduces the process of human history.
Suspicion, fear and other psychological factors in the middle part of the crowd prompt the generation of selfish desires such as killing, imprisonment, and rebellion.
At the end of the clip, when the characters get out of the current predicament and enter another predicament, they fully reveal the prisoner psychology of modern society.
Looking back at the clip, there is only one person chasing profit and money, but it brings a chain effect. Power and status establish the balance in the crowd, but because interests destroy the balance of trust, it leads to conflict caused by fear.
The deeper meaning is reflected in the manifestation of human nature in difficult situations, that is, the psychology of prisoners. This film shows that life is originally connected by one dilemma. When you think you are free, you don't know that the next dilemma will appear. life inThe bumps in the middle form the biggest meaning of the film.
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Extended Reading
  • Mason 2022-04-20 09:02:57

    The British version of the Seven Days of Death imitates the cube too much, so the ending can be guessed. Fortunately, there is no "dead" resurrection.

  • Adeline 2022-04-13 09:01:07

    There are some problems with the plot, but the ending is good, unexpected but reasonable.

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