Enduring Love movie plot

2022-04-08 08:01
This is an afternoon destined to be very special,Joe Ross ( Daniel Wroughton Craig ) has red wine and a proposal ring ready for a romantic picnic with his girlfriend Claire ( Samantha Morton ), a sculptor, on the sunny outskirts of Oxford . However, just as they sat down and the wine had not been opened, an out-of -control hot balloon swayed over with a panicked little boy swaying over. A man was trying his best to hold the balloon, but he was pulled off the ground from time to time. , Qiao and three other passers-by bravely ran to the past, everyone grabbed the hot balloon together and dragged the hot balloon with their common weight, but an accident happened, a strong wind blew suddenly, due to the help of the wind and The successive release of the people caused one of them to be dragged into the air by the hot balloon. In a stunned state, he flew higher and higher, and finally fell and died unfortunately.
After returning to the measured orderly and calm teaching life, Joe couldn't erase the tragic scene in his mind. He often flashed back to the helpless figure of the fallen man, and the scholar's attitude of the supremacy of rationality made him always want to understand this. The unreasonableness of the rescue measures. At this time, a strange man called and asked him to go out to meet. A strange man named JD Perry ( Rhys Ifans ) was one of the rescuers at the time. After being dismissed by Joe with "I'm very busy", JD didn't give up. JD kept appearing by Joe's side, all at the bookstore, at the restaurant, at the school. Joe was so disgusted by his behavior that he kept telling him to go away.
However, JD didn't mean to disappear from Joe's eyes at all. On the contrary, JD and Joe encountered more and more frequently, and the way became more and more strange. He was like a vine like a vine, and his life became more and more entangled with Joe. When it sounded, Joe was afraid that it was JD's sudden visit, and the entanglement between the two directly led to the deterioration of the relationship between Joe and his girlfriend Claire, Claire began to doubt Joe's orientation, and JD's feelings for Joe were not just harassment. Simple, the look in his eyes when he looked at Daniel was as if he wanted Daniel to fill himself up, everything was completely "like" that the possessive psychology between lovers was at work, and Joe's heart was breaking down step by step.
In the end, because JD never got Joe's heart, he wanted to take action on Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (Joe's girlfriend), he lied to Anthony Charles Lynton Blair that Joe had been molesting him, and now Joe wanted to throw himself away open. Anthony Charles Lynton Blair called Joe, Joe heard the news and rushed over to explain to Anthony Charles Lynton Blair that he was innocent and told Anthony Charles Lynton Blair not to believe JD's lies. But Anthony Charles Lynton Blair looked confused, and when Joe, who was already upset, saw this, he left "fucking" and went to pack up. JD immediately ran to explain to Joe that this was done so that Anthony Charles Lynton Blair would automatically leave, and then took a knife and stabbed Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. Anthony Charles Lynton Blair fell to the ground, bleeding a lot, Joe pretended to accept JD , kissed JD, then stabbed the knife in JD's hand back into JD's stomach, and hurried to rescue Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.
After this incident, Joe came back to the grass outside Oxford. At this time, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair also came, and the two sat on the grass together and opened the bottle of wine with the wedding ring.
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  • Hollie 2022-04-11 09:01:08

    Love sparked by a hot air balloon accident. . . The discussion on urban loneliness, love, and meaning is probably better as a literary work, and if it was adapted into a movie, I just feel that it is a mystery and almost something.

  • Tyreek 2022-04-08 08:01:02

    An accident caused by a hot air balloon involves inner fragility

Enduring Love quotes

  • Jed: Hey, come on. Look, I was just having a bit of fun, come on.

    Joe: Fuck off.

    Jed: I was just trying to cheer you up, Joe.

    Joe: Fuck off.

    Jed: I was just trying to cheer you up. Come on, Joe, Jo-Jo.

    Joe: [Grabs Jed and shoves him up against the wall] Listen to me, listen to me. If you ever, ever, ever fucking bother me again, if you ever come anywhere fucking near me, I wil follow you, I will find you and I will gut you like a fucking fish, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?

    Jed: You started this, you made this happen. Why don't you admit it? You pretend it's not happening, nothing's happening? YOU FUCK! Giving me all your secret fucking signals so that I come towards you! Why don't you leave me alone, eh? What do you want? What do you want? I love you! I love you! And now you're trying to fucking DESTROY ME!

    [singing and walking away]


  • Frank: If you want to turn two people into two-headed fire-breathing dragons overnight, just put rings on their fingers.

    Rachel: Shhhhhh!

    Joe: No, he's right.

    Joe: Cos you-re a fucking expert aren't you?

    Joe: When you're not sexing up the au pair to within an inch of her life, you're a fucking authority!

    Joe: And when you're not marching on Poland, you're a fucking sage, aren't you pal?

    Joe: Tell me something, tell me something, cos I always wanted to know this.

    Joe: Don't you ever tire of letting your dick do the thinking?

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