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2022-04-12 08:01
"Gozu of Slime"
Bai Chuan received an order from the gang boss to send his eldest brother Bankyo to the "junkyard" because he was completely insane. However, the brotherhood of the past made Bai Chuan unable to take action. Inexplicably, the "big brother" sitting in the back of the car suddenly "died naturally", which solved a major problem for Bai Chuan, but the subsequent handling of the body was not It made Bai Chuan in trouble, so Bai Chuan came to the cafe to find a way, but when Bai Chuan walked out of the cafe with nothing, Bankyo's body disappeared.
With no choice, Bai Chuan embarked on a journey to find the body of "Big Brother". On the way, he met many eccentric people, the proprietress who supplied customers with human milk, the elder brother who was tortured by his sister (the proprietress), the coffee shop that used his semen to make snacks for the customers, the male waiter with a woman's bra, half The detective of face peeling and white ringworm.
The next day, Shirakawa learned the news that "Big Brother" might be in the "Junkyard" through detectives, but what he got was a human skin with the same tattoo as Sangkyo. The disappointed Bai Chuan was about to leave, and the appearance of a beautiful woman messed up everything. The woman claimed that she was Bai Chuan's elder brother Sakakyo. In order to prove this, the woman said something that only Bai Chuan and Sakakyo knew, but Bai Chuan could not. Believing all this, Bai Chuan had no choice but to take the woman back to the gang headquarters and explain everything to the boss.
The boss didn't believe all of this, and thought that Bai Chuan was as crazy as Banjing. When the boss was about to take action against Bai Chuan, a woman suddenly appeared in front of them. At home, but I didn't expect that everything Bai Chuan said.
"Deformed children"
The deformed human (or non-human) is arguably an important element in all of Takashi Miike 's films, both physically and mentally deformed, all exaggerated by the alienation of this bloodthirsty Japanese geek, pulling a murder weapon from its vagina. ("The Underworld"), to a lively close-up of the cut tongue ("Killer Ah Yi"), to the rape of the corpse to the point of incontinence ("Visitor Q"), can watch his film on CULT It is undoubtedly a kind of torture and enduring for film fans, but like Shinya Tsukamoto 's films, it is not a shame or a pity for CULT film fans to have a film without him, it's just like you like Rock and roll but don't know "The Beatles", like painting but don't know Da Vinci, although you can dislike them, you can't help but know them.
Bai Chuan in the film is a man who values ​​friendship. When the "eldest brother" he respected in the past turned into a beautiful woman in front of him, his former respect was suppressed by his sexual instinct as a human being. What brought about is sublimation and mutation, so one night, Bai Chuan asked a woman to put on the sexy panties given to him by "big brother" and have sex with him. Under the frantic moral stimulation, Bai Chuan experienced the pleasure he had never had before. When he wanted to twitch, he suddenly found that his penis had been tightly grabbed by something in the woman's body. The terrified Bai Chuan was crawling around the room connected with the woman, and finally he pulled hard, and the woman actually slid away. 's pussy pulled out a mucus-filled hand. So we saw the "big brother" Bankyo slowly crawling out of the woman's body, bringing out the jelly-like mucus and amniotic fluid, accompanied by the howl of the woman during childbirth and the pain from the depths of hell.
It turns out that Bankyo had already known that the boss instructed Bai Chuan to deal with his own affairs. As the original eldest brother, he did not want Bai Chuan to be embarrassed, so he pretended to be dead, and created various illusions to confuse Bai Chuan, and even hid in the woman's body, with only one purpose— Go back to the boss and wait for the moment to kill the boss. Shirakawa, who finally learned the truth, put the severely dehydrated woman in the bathtub after "delivery", and the woman miraculously returned to her original state, so the three of them lived a happy new life.
Let's talk about the boss's death. This old man is very lecherous. He has entered old age and can't get himself an erection in a normal way, so he stimulated himself to use the method of inserting the handle of the soup spoon into his "back garden flower". The erection of the penis made the second-in-command Sakakyo unbearable, so he wanted to kill this perverted old monster and lead the gang by himself. Facing Ban Jing, who was transformed into a beauty, this time the boss chose the largest and longest soup ladle. Just when he was about to have a good time, Bai Chuan suddenly appeared and disturbed his interest. During the dispute, Bai Chuan overthrew the boss. But it was quite serious. The whole soup was "swallowed" by the boss's "backyard flower" and stabbed into the rectum, accompanied by the boss's perverted and pleasant smile, a lot of loose stools and blood. In order to protect the "big brother", Bai Chuan electrified the copper spoon exposed outside the boss's body, and after saying "It's cool", the boss returned to Xitian.
Defamiliarization was originally the theoretical core of Russian formalism, according to Frederick Jameson in his book The Cage of Language, that "only what already exists - objects, conventions, definite units - can Being defamiliarized, just as only things with their original names can lose their familiar names and suddenly appear in front of us with unfamiliar faces."
The objects that appear in Takashi Miike 's films are undoubtedly not common things in our daily life, such as lewd and lewd old men, beautiful women, soup ladle for eating. But after the director's transformation, what we see is Not only those things that we often define, they have all become murder weapons and meat grinders that "kill you 3000", like the monster in Makoto Ogino 's comic "Little Humanoid". All objects of their own blood become their own slaves. So we saw Takashi Miike , a bloodthirsty Japanese monster, ordering those "human weapons" who lost their "classic definition" to smash people's heads, open their stomachs, and wrap their intestines around their necks to destroy the world.
I don't know how long the monster Takashi Miike can run wild in this world. Maybe tomorrow, all Polanski's family will die. Of course I don't want tomorrow to come so soon, because I'm still looking forward to his next movie, after all, his movie is not as disgusting as the "Guinea Pig Lab" movie. There is no room for imagination, even he is the most boring. Isn't the "Izang" also portrayed for us a wronged soul who has been killed from the beginning to the end for revenge? So just live well! In this boring era, we can't always "keep having fun" all the time!
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  • Isaiah 2022-04-12 08:01:01

    The direction of the plot is completely in the style of Miike Chongshi's strange power and chaos. From the moment Ai Chuan Xiang wrecked the puppy, all kinds of jaw-dropping scenes were staged one after another. Breast injections are all wet and paradoxical, and the end is a naked gay display, the gangster who died of electric shock chrysanthemum, the infatuated brother who turned into a woman because of his love for his younger brother, I don't know what I saw.

  • Astrid 2022-04-12 08:01:01

    Tsk tsk really deserves to be the best in metamorphosis, rumbling rumbling from the beginning to the end, it seems that Michi has a breast milk complex...

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  • Ozaki: Your wiener looks like Frankenstein's.

  • Ozaki: Die, motherfucker!

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