Guzaarish movie plot

2022-06-23 11:56
Ethan O'Mascare, once the world's greatest magician, was paralyzed for 14 years by a wrong magic show. Ethan's health has been relatively stable over the past 12 years, largely due to the tireless dedication of his nurse, Sofia Duzer. He lived and worked at home, using his wits and spirit to promote new magic to millions of people through the books he wrote and his radio shows. But now, his internal organs are degrading. To avoid permanent hospitalization and rely on robotic life support, Ethan applied to the court to allow euthanasia. Ethan's demands shocked the world, especially by threatening his relationship with Sofia, who was at the heart of his existence. Will Ethan's petition succeed? How will Sofia respond? 
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Guzaarish quotes

  • Advocate Devyani Dutta: Do you need anything else?

    Ethan Mascarenhas: Some sex would be good. Bring me one packet of condoms and one beautiful, willing woman, please. What do you say?

  • Sofia D'Souza: Radio station has sent a new producer. Shall I send him?

    Ethan Mascarenhas: Forget that damn producer! What about my bedsores? You have not done a single thing right since today morning. You seem to forget a lot nowadays. The only thing you do enjoy is changing my pajamas.

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