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2022-03-30 08:01
Wenders' first 3D work "Pina Bausch" gives people a kind of soul shock.  
"Pina Bausch" is a baptism of modern dance literacy. The excellent works of Pina Bausch during her lifetime were cut into scenes and blended into the film. Various Clothes , scenes, expressions, emotions, gestures, and movements were intensively tapping the audience's heart.
The eternal theme of "wandering and alienation" in Wenders' films coincides with the struggle and despair in Pina Bausch's dance. But Wenders really found an inappropriate medium. 3D did not provide any help to convey the essence of Pina Bausch's dance. On the contrary, the rough and tough part of Pina Bausch's dance was made nondescript by the slightly metallic picture of 3D.  
The technical aspects of this film are very perfect. Exquisite and smooth pictures, colorful costumes and sets, humorous space and scheduling are all impeccable.  
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  • Johnny 2022-04-07 09:01:06

    It's very beautiful, but it requires patience. The whole movie scene and dance are very good

  • Else 2022-04-04 09:01:08

    It's not for someone like me who doesn't know anything about Pina and has no love for modern dance

Pina quotes

  • Pina Bausch: What are we longing for? Where does all this yearning come from?

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