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2022-03-30 08:01
Pain and cluelessness are the prelude to Nirvana. Due to the lack of the protagonist, Wenders had to change the original shooting idea. He found a new angle to structure the film: From the perspective of Pina Bausch, she wanted to see her how dancers perform, thus deepening her understanding of dance. He led the crew to shoot Pina Bausch's three works "Café Mueller", " the Rite of Spring " and "Full Moon", and then the crew performed with the troupe to shoot another masterpiece of Pina Bausch - "The Rite of Spring" created in 1978. Communication Field".
However, 3D technology is still a challenge for a big director like Wenders. Any fast movement of the dancer's arm will present a double image, just like there are 3 or 4 arms, which will seriously hinder the movement of the dancer in the movie. Presented perfectly and smoothly. When shooting 2D movies, this kind of problem can be ignored, but 3D will magnify these small problems several times, and even fill the entire screen. Cameron's "Avatar" brought Wenders a lot of inspiration. On the one hand, he learned to cover up, and on the other hand, he used multiple digital cameras to shoot at the same time, and the problem was easily solved   .
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