A Dark Song movie plot

2022-04-03 08:01
"Song of the Spirit" was composed by Wen Qingshen "Once. The producer of "Love is the Only" personally worked on the knife, and collaborated with the up-and-coming Irish director Liam Gavin to present a new and sinister horror novel across the border.
The well-known American film review website Rotten Tomatoes has a high score of 89% and is recommended; 2017 Portugal Fantasporto Fantasy Film Festival Best Director and Best Actress Double Award; 2016 Spain Sitges Fantasy Film Festival New Vision Award for Best Film; 2016 Australian Monster Film Festival (Monster Film Festival) Fest) Best Cinematography, Best Score.
Desperate to communicate with her murdered son, Sophia, a mother who has lost her beloved son, turns to Joseph, an antisocial and alcoholic occult expert. Joseph couldn't stand Sophia's grief and begged, and had to reluctantly make a sanctuary for the grieving mother. The two of them isolated themselves in an uninhabited house in North Wales and carried out a harsh dark ritual for half a year, pushing their body and mind to the breaking point of collapse, thereby tearing the path to the other world.   .
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  • Cole 2022-04-23 07:06:04

    20.3 The ceremony is too specific to metaphorize the physical appearance of angels and evil spirits and cannot be classified as hallucinogenic. The characters meet by chance and cannot be generalized.

  • Eileen 2022-04-22 07:01:57

    I feel like I'm pretending to be a ghost, it doesn't look good~~

A Dark Song quotes

  • Joseph Solomon: [enjoying a smoke] Why do you ask? Does the - question bother you? It's actually a bit of an ontological issue.

    Sophia Howard: You know what I mean.

    Joseph Solomon: I would say no. We're not tryin' to *hurt* anyone. But - We're doin' dark things.

    Sophia Howard: And would you do black magic?

    Joseph Solomon: [smiling] There's no point in goin' to the fairground if you don't go on any of the rides!

    Sophia Howard: Have you *seen* much?

    Joseph Solomon: H-hoo. I've seen things. I've seen gods. Demons. I let gods rain silver on me. And the dead and the damned - Most of us are damned you know?

    Sophia Howard: Have you seen anything that *scared* you?

    Joseph Solomon: It all scares me.

  • Joseph Solomon: I'm 'avin' the bedroom with the bed in it... You will cook and clean... You do know what we're takin' on.

    Sophia Howard: Yes.

    Joseph Solomon: You know the dangers.

    Sophia Howard: I do.

    Joseph Solomon: This is a serious undertakin'. It's not fuckin' - astral projection or runes. This is real stuff we're playin' with. Real angels real demons.

    Sophia Howard: I know this.

    Joseph Solomon: You read cunts on the internet sayin' it's - just mental states. That your, that your guardian angel's your higher self. Psychobabble bollocks. You'll go for days without sleep - fastin', backbreakin' rites, ritual sex... You'll be at the very edge. Are you er, ready for all that - darlin'?

    Sophia Howard: I am. I've read up on the Kabbalah.

    Joseph Solomon: [laughs] You don't think this is a tree of sephirots? 'Cause, 'cause it's not.

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