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2022-03-15 08:01
  • In the 1960s, after watching a play based on Foster's novel "A Passage to India", David Lean decided to make it into a film. At the time, however, Foster was reluctant to sell the rights to the film. After Foster's death in 1970, the rights to the adaptation went to Cambridge Academy, which sold it to filmmakers John Brabourne and Richard Goodwin  .
  • When looking for investors for the film, an American film company offered to add a rape scene to the film, but David Lean did not agree.  .
  • The film is the comeback of David Lean's 14-year hiatus. He was seventy-five years old when the film was filmed, but regardless of his age, he personally led the filming in India, Nepal and Kashmir.  .
  • David Lean's chosen location for Malabar Cave has spectacular granite, but no natural cave, the crew blasted holes in the rock to serve as cave entrances  .
  • There is a plot in the novel about Mrs. Moore's beliefs being seriously shaken in the cave. For the purpose of filming, David Lean moved the scene outside the cave and arranged for Mrs. Moore to lie on a chair and look up at the bright moon. He arranged for the actor to wear a pair of sunglasses, intending to express everything on the screen in a strange color from the time she put on the sunglasses, but because the stunt was unsuccessful, he had to abandon this plan and use the moonlit background and the moon instead footage to illustrate how her faith is shaken  .
  • David Lean discovered a place in India many years ago with some erotic statues standing in the bushes, covered with ivy, but by the time he was filming "A Passage to India", it was a neat little park, all Statues are cleaned up. So, he spent a week taking photos there, and then based on the photos and his memories of that year, he built a temple scene, made a god statue with plaster, and placed fake ivy on it.  .
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  • Louisa 2022-03-15 09:01:11

    What the hell happened in the cave? Aziz couldn't explain it, Miss Gus couldn't explain it clearly, and the guide didn't know what to say. No one knows the truth, not even E.M. Foster and David Lean - so everyone has their own truth. Mrs. Moore and Mr. Fitting insisted on inferring events by character, other British people insisted on judging events by prejudice, the Indian masses interpreted events with anger, and Indian professor Ghoboli stayed out of it, watching the fire from the other side - is he the wise man who sees everything? The widow, Aziz, held Miss Guth's hand tightly. That moment was their "skin kiss", and it was also the moment when Miss Guth re-examined her relationship with Lonnie. This is the most ambiguous passage in the film, the eyes, the light and even the sweat on their cheeks all exude ambiguous light and smell. In the next cave, is vertigo? Is it a hallucination? Or do you want to say leave? And Miss Guth's injury and emotional out-of-control are even more mysterious. The truth has been swallowed in the cave, and human nature is also lost in the black hole, elusive.

  • Holden 2022-03-16 09:01:09

    The perception transcends the so-called cultural and religious differences, and experiences the trust and courage between individuals and the value of equality for everyone. The British white and left aristocratic woman who went to India for the first time was not used to the discrimination and rudeness of the British colonists against Indians. With the help of her compatriots who were also not used to such behavior, she met a friendly and inferior Indian doctor. Because of a misunderstanding, Kindness and trust are put to the test. In the magnificent scenery, there is no sense of honor and inferiority between people, which is particularly eye-catching, including the cognition of self and belonging.

A Passage to India quotes

  • Mrs. Moore: God has put us on earth to love and help our fellow men.

    Ronny: Yes, mother.

  • Richard Fielding: [on the glasses found on Aziz after the latter's arrest] If he had assaulted her he'd scarcely bring the evidence back with him.

    McBryde: Doesn't surprise me.

    Richard Fielding: I don't follow.

    McBryde: When you think of crime, you think of English crime. The psychology's different here.

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