A Rickle in Time movie plot

2022-04-05 08:01
Genius and mad scientist Rick (Justin Roiland) suddenly returns to his daughter Beth after years of disappearance, and runs a science lab in her garage. Rick has a "portal gun" that can travel to all dimensions of the universe. Grandson Morty (voiced by Justin Roiland) and granddaughter Summer are often dragged into his home-made spaceship to join him on all kinds of crazy and exciting cosmic adventures. Daughter and son-in-law Jerry were dissatisfied with his crazy behavior. At the end of last season, they came back from a trip and found that the house had been messed up by the three grandfathers and grandsons. Just as they were about to lose their temper, Rick stopped time and took the opportunity to tidy up the house. They have created multiple time gaps because of this, how should they be cleaned up now?
This animation is an animated series developed by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, the creators of the American TV series "Waste League". Each episode is an independent little story, the incomparable plot arrangement, the unrestrained imagination, and the brain hole that breaks through the sky are the biggest features of this play   .
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  • Deontae 2022-04-05 08:01:01

    Long live the brain hole Long live the egg

  • Alanna 2022-04-05 08:01:01

    "Drink up baby, stay up all night." Drink all the sorrows and sadness away. It takes a whole universe to understand a Rick Sanchez, doesn't it?

A Rickle in Time quotes

  • Beth Smith: Sweetie, is your shirt on backwards?

    Jerry Smith: ...Yeah! I like it this way. I'm not stupid!

    Rick: Man that guy is the Redgrin Grumbholt of pretending he knows what's going on.

  • [Summer, Rick, and Morty are experiencing a glitch as a result of the siblings' bickering and their reality has been split into two hypothetical timelines, which Rick is scrambling to reconcile]

    Rick: Uncertainty is inherently unsustainable. Eventually, everything either is or isn't. And we've got about four hours to be "is."

    Morty: [in both timelines] Or...?

    Rick: We "isn't." Alright, since this time crystal exists in both possibilities, and since it's impossible that I didn't nail this, I'm probably about to press this button in both possibilities at exactly the same time.

    MortySummer: [in both timelines] How do you know that...

    Rick: Whatever you're asking, the answer is I'm amazing. And away we go!

    [Rick presses a button on the time crystal and the two realities begin to mend. Unfortunately, Morty and Summer are standing on opposite sides of their respective counterparts, interrupting their fusion]

    Rick: Huh. What do you now, it's working.

    MortySummer: Ow, ow, ow!

    Rick: Oh, shit!

    [time splits in two again]

    Rick: What the hell is wrong with you two! I-I mean you four!

    MortySummer: That hurt! That was painful.

    Rick: Good! I'm glad it was painful, you deserve it! I saw you! Y-you're both


    Rick: all over the damn place! We've been split for twenty minutes and your lives are already scattered to the quantum fucking wind?

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