A Star Is Born evaluation action

2022-02-02 08:08
"A Star Is Born", from the screenwriting, music, to singing and performance, every link is perfect   .This romantic film is not so much a simple tear-jerking story, it is better to say that it shows a real life tragedy, because there is a kind of sad taste throughout the whole film, especially some delicate ones. Immediately leaves a strong impression. For example, they initially exchanged heartfelt conversations in a secluded recording studio with a large megaphone hanging overhead, implying no secrecy whatsoever. These artistic techniques may not be new creations, but they make the plot and characters seem very real and convincing, and it means to suggest to the world that Hollywood will generously open the way for talented newcomers to provide opportunities to make They reach their potential   .
Compared to the obscure 1937 original, the 1954 version of A Star Is Born is glorious. It's not just because of Judy Garland's stunning singing and dancing talent, but more importantly, James Mason's penetrating, penetrating performance - he fully shows the state of a man who has long suffered from alcohol, drugs and irregular life   .
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  • Ashleigh 2022-04-22 07:01:55

    Judy Garland's performance~ love is not enough. George Gook. Repair the legend~

  • Orie 2022-04-22 07:01:55

    2013.09.03 I like the concept of connecting the plot with photos in the movie, and I like the echoes of the last 10 minutes~[The one I can't watch all the time, probably because I think Judy Garland when I grow up is really ugly...and James I've only seen one Lolita movie starring Mason, so I'm preconceived, so when I see him, I'll think that this is not the stepfather Humbert who is not good enough....... So sorry, I really don't like this one~

A Star Is Born quotes

  • Vicki Lester: [Norman has finished looking through her scrapbook] You know as much about me as I do myself. But... you see how long it's taken me to get this far. Now, all I need is just a little luck.

    Norman Maine: What kind of luck?

    Vicki Lester: Oh, the kind of luck that every girl singer with a band dreams of - one night a big talent scout from a big record company might come in and he'll let me make a record.

    Norman Maine: Yes, and then?

    Vicki Lester: Well, the record will become number one on the Hit Parade, it'll be played on the jukeboxes all over the country... and I'll be made

    [laughs self-deprecatingly at the implausibility]

    Vicki Lester: End of dream.

    Norman Maine: There's only one thing wrong with that.

    Vicki Lester: I know - it won't happen!

    Norman Maine: No, it might happen pretty easily - but the dream isn't big enough.

  • Vicki Lester: [Norman has returned to find her in a nightclub. She walks over to him with a small laugh] Hello, Mr. Maine. You turn up in the strangest places.

    Norman Maine: Don't I now?

    Vicki Lester: [stops laughing, suddenly shocked] And you're cold sober.

    Norman Maine: Well, you'd better make the most of it!

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