A Very Long Engagement movie plot

2022-01-04 08:01
The First World War is drawing to a close, but the great battle of a young French woman has just begun.
What Mathildelooking forward to is not the return of his fiancé Mannich, but a letter from the front line that brings the news of his death. In the brutal Battle of the Somme, Mannich, who was accidentally injured, and four other self-inflicted bodies, and the soldiers who refused to go into the battle were tried together. The inhumane military court ruled that they were placed on the Somme between the two armies. No man's land, in the crossfire of Germany and France, here undoubtedly represents death.
Unable to accept this fact, Mathilde firmly believes that his fiancé is not dead, and he will definitely come back to fulfill the agreement they had made since childhood. In order to prove this almost impossible fact, she resolutely embarked on the long journey of finding a husband with a disabled left leg, accompanied by her only firm belief, amazing strength, stubborn optimism and hope that she will never be broken. Because she knew that if the fiancé dies, she must be the first to feel it.
Exploring Mannich's trajectory before his last disappearance, and feeling his horror during those turbulent years, Mathilde, with the help of many people who had contact with his fiancé, gradually embarked on the Somme River of no return. She has received ominous news from the people around Mannich many times, but these blows have never been able to sap her determination to continue searching.
As the investigation approached the truth of the facts step by step, Mathilde gradually understood the cruel punishment suffered by these five unfortunate soldiers, and these increasingly close truths also made her gradually realize the fear of war and its effects. The harm that people leave behind that can never be healed. And those sweet childhood memories that have accompanied her through the difficult years do not know whether she will be the echo of the disappearing feelings, whether she will never be able to find her fiance to complete this A Very Long Engagement, love will cause a tragedy, or it will give birth to a miracle   .
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  • Paris 2022-03-26 09:01:08

    [Wu Da] Before watching this film, you should watch "Amelie" first to understand the director's characteristics and the heroine's style, otherwise it will be difficult to understand some of the narrative styles of this film, such as the director's precise description of the time and the capture of detailed shots . In addition, you can also take a look at "Two Little No Guess", whose heroine is the outstanding prostitute in this film. Without understanding this, it is difficult to understand the implication of the first sentence she said to the heroine in prison.

  • Lila 2022-03-26 09:01:08

    The opening and ending are really moving, and the yellowing rhythm is sometimes mixed with the cruelty of war. The protagonist always uses everyday time to predict the outcome, as well as the rigid wit of the French. But overall, it's pretty general, and it took me several times to read it. PS: Audrey really looks like Cecilia Cheung when she smiles, the male lead and the dimples on his face are really handsome.

A Very Long Engagement quotes

  • Narrator: Mathilde leans back against her chair, folds her hands in her lap, and looks at him. In the sweetness of the air, in the light of the garden, Mathilde looks at him. She looks at him... She looks at him...

  • Sylvain: [after the mailman rides his bike into the house] Make yourself at home! At Christmas, come down the chimney!

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