A Young Doctor's Notebook & Other Stories movie plot

2022-03-31 08:01
"A Young Doctor's Notebook" is developed by the British cable television network; CATV network Sky channel. The play is based on a short story by Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov and tells the story of a Russian military doctor during World War I. Jonathan Daniel Hamm plays the protagonist, while Daniel Jacob Radcliffe plays him as a young man. It is reported that Hamm will be in charge of the narration part of the story, connecting his youth during the war through "oral memories", and he will interact with him in many special scenes as a young him (Daniel Jacob Radcliffe). This feeling of two people in different time and space is quite similar to the concept of " Looper ", but "A Young Doctor's Notebook" is not a science fiction drama, it just uses this method to construct a form of literary expression.
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  • Lysanne 2022-03-31 09:01:11

    Porter has grown up!

  • Natalie 2022-03-31 09:01:11

    It is so hard to be a doctor at any time. Learning and practicing are two different things.

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