After Life evaluation action

2022-01-19 08:02
The plot tells the story of a report for the undead in the underworld, which is similar to a government agency and located in the snow. Every week, a group of new deceased are admitted to the hospital. Then they gather for a few days to think about the most precious memories of their lives. The film" accompanies the dead to heaven. The film uses a semi-documentary approach. The color tone of black and white, the documentary interview footage, and the rudimentary scenes of the old school buildings are in place to show the simplicity behind the glitz and the tranquil atmosphere after the noise. Together with the ethereal bells and the bleak autumn and winter scenery, they create A transparent and pure world. It is the style of Hirokazu that pays attention to human sentiment and film sentiment, so without logic at all, the impression is quite plain.
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After Life quotes

  • Kenji Yamamoto, who wants to forget his past: Say I choose a memory, from when I was eight or ten years old. Then I'll only remember how I felt back then? I'll be able to forget everything else? Really? You can forget? Well, then that really is heaven.

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