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2022-04-15 08:01
No. 30 Commando (No. 30 Commando), and the Special Air Service (SAS) are the British elite troops that go down in history. Their training and battle stories have been adapted several times and appeared in various forms in literature and film. , plays and games. Many figures who were all-powerful in those days have become history, words, or idols.
Because it's a film based on real history   , it's important to respect history and its characters—especially in today's world of omnipotent spies and superheroes galloping across the screen. For director Adrian Victoria, it can truly restore the story of the year and pay tribute to these heroes who made great achievements in World War II. Adrian Victoria said: "We have had our own outstanding commandos, with outstanding members and laudable heroics. They helped the Allies obtain intelligence and carry out high-risk missions on the battlefields of World War II. These The commandos were ex-military personnel who had worked in foreign countries, some had been spies in the SS, some had worked in Iraq and Afghanistan. Later, under the organization of Ian Fleming, They came together and formed a commando. I was so impressed by their mission that I decided to make a film that told their story." Like most films about the history of the growth of special operations teams, Adrian ·Victoria also chose to tell their stories from group formation and training. He said: "Telling from the beginning is the best way, because there are many future stories that have been foreshadowed in the early stage, and the advantage of telling the story from the beginning is that the audience will be easily attracted by the plot."
The filming cycle of the whole film is as long as one year, which is rare in the British film industry. For the authenticity of the film, Adrian Victoria verified a lot of information, and started from the details, modifying the props and story. Adrian said: "In the process of making the film, some original materials and materials about the commandos helped me a lot. Although I couldn't show every detail in the final version of the film. , but the whole film did its best to be closer to the truth. I think I should pay tribute to those fighting heroes in World War II and let them watch the film and let them know that future generations have not forgotten their deeds .
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