Age of Heroes movie plot

2022-04-15 08:01
The protagonist of the film is Raines, a corporal. During World War II, Corporal Raines was recommended to the newly formed No. 30 Commando. Their instructor was the distinguished Major Jones. Under Jones's teaching and monitoring, each member's physical fitness and combat ability have been greatly improved. The reason they have to undergo such rigorous training is because these people will be performing a very dangerous and highly classified mission. The mission required members of the commando to infiltrate German-occupied Norway by airborne to steal data from a new type of radar. If the Germans used this kind of radar under development in war, the consequences would be unimaginable. The newly formed action group came to Norway and joined the local resistance group. The leader is Steiner, the leader of the local resistance group, and Jensen, a beautiful female spy. In the German-occupied Norway, all the combat skills they learned in the UK were put to practical use, and they were relying on these combat skills to save their own lives and the lives of Norwegian civilians time and time again, and finally from the Nazi officer Teckman. stole a technical description of the new radar technology in his hands. However, when they prepare to return to England from Norway, the crisis comes quietly - traitors appear in the group, and the Nazis are chasing after them frantically. At this time, the commando members realized how important the information they had stolen was to the war and their homeland. The fate of the Allies and the whole of Europe rests in their hands. 
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  • Bryana 2022-04-19 09:03:19

    What the heck, the scenery is pretty good, give me one more star

  • Jacklyn 2022-04-15 08:01:01

    Vicious attacks on the SS freaks deserve four stars. The ending is too sloppy, otherwise three and a half would be fine.

Age of Heroes quotes

  • Jones: If it looks like he's gonna be captured... or if he is... shoot him

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