Columbus Circle movie plot

2022-04-13 08:01
Abigail Clayton lives alone and has not left her apartment for nearly 20 years. When her neighbor dies and detective Frank Giardello visits to investigate, her otherwise well-ordered world begins to unravel.
Abigail Clayton lives alone. A person is very lonely. In fact, the heiress hasn't left her Manhattan apartment for nearly 20 years. When the death of her elderly neighbor prompts a visit from New York City Police Department homicide detective Frank Giardello to investigate, a terrified Abigail Clayton sees the detective outside her door, questioning her. Abigail Clayton had tried to buy the now-vacant apartment to ensure her privacy, and it was even more annoyed when new tenants Lillian and Charles the Great moved in. Abigail Clayton anxiously monitors her new neighbor from the security peephole of her front door, but when she finally meets Lillian and Charles the Great face-to-face her otherwise well-ordered world begins to unravel and her sheltered presence begins to come as an accident and threatening ways. 
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  • Clifton 2022-04-14 09:01:07

    A bunch of flaws, 80 minutes to tell a simple story, the rhythm itself is not rushed, but the story is not told well.

  • Shannon 2022-04-15 09:01:07

    How could it be a thriller? Is the cataloger a glass heart?

Columbus Circle quotes

  • Abigail: What I wouldn't do for a shoe box full of tarantulas, right now.


    [last lines]

    Cab Driver: No bags?

    Abigail: No baggage.

    Cab Driver: So where ya going?

    Abigail: Some place safe and warm.

    Cab Driver: Ah, safe and warm. I always wanted to go there myself, ma'am.

    Abigail: No, not ma'am. You can... you can call me Lillian.

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