The Final movie plot

2022-06-29 18:45
Several high school students who have been excluded have given a revenge.
In the picturesque Treastro, there is a gallbladder farm .
Dan ﹝ Marcoona Toetry, which has suicide, tendencies, is often bullied in the school, and the students who are also crowded decided to revenge .! They look into inspiration from their own class and horror movies, and a perfect revenge plan is shaped .! 
Everyone gathered in the house left in Dan, one step further, let those people who have evil on them are frightened. Finally, someone reported the police. After the police came, those people were killed each other, and they made a tragedy!
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The Final quotes

  • Dane: We are the rejected, the humiliated, we are the outcasts.

  • Jack: There are more like us out there.

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