Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds movie plot

2022-04-07 08:01
There are laws in the underworld, and all the deceased must go through seven trials within 49 days after their death—in the prison of murder, the prison of laziness, the prison of deception, the prison of injustice, the prison of betrayal, the prison of violence, and the prison of heaven. Only the deceased who are acquitted in the second trial will have the chance to be reborn.
"Mr. Jin Zihong, died today." Firefighter Jin Zihong died in a fire to save a child. The messengers of hell Xie Weimai and Li Dechun appeared in front of Jin Zihong. Although Jin Zihong couldn't believe his death, he was told by Li Decun with a serious look that he was both a deceased and a noble. At the entrance to hell, Jin Zihong met another messenger, Jiang Lin, who was waiting for him at Chujun Gate. He is in charge of the two messengers, Xie Limai and Li Dechun, and will also defend Jin Zihong in the seven trials he will face.
It turns out that if King Yama can bring 49 dead people to life in 1000 years, the three messengers can also be reincarnated into the mortal world. They believe that the 48th deceased, the noble Jin Zihong who has appeared in 19 years, can be successfully reborn. However, in various hells, Jin Zihong's past appeared one after another, and it turned out that this nobleman still has "secrets that cannot be told"   .
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Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds quotes

  • King of the underworld: All humans live in sin.

    King of the underworld: Only a few have the courage to beg for forgiveness.

    King of the underworld: Only a fraction of those will get it.

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