Violet Evergarden movie plot

2022-04-07 08:01
A certain continent, a certain era.
The war that divided the continent from north to south is over, and the world is gradually moving towards peace.
Violet Evergarden, who fought as a soldier during the war, left the army and came to the great port city. Holding someone on the battlefield who was more important to her than anyone else, she told her "a certain word"——.
The streets were crowded, and trams weaved along the gas-lamp-lined road. Violet works as a "spiritual letter writer" for Lieutenant Colonel Hawkins' company. It is the work of organizing the corresponding language according to the client's idea.
She faced the client directly and touched the candid feelings deep inside the client's heart. At the same time, when Violet recorded her letters, she gradually approached the true meaning of what Major Gilbert said to herself that day. 
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Extended Reading
  • Eriberto 2022-04-08 09:01:13

    You lift it up that high and then bash it for not being that high. In fact, it's just a well-made healing show.

  • Assunta 2022-04-14 09:01:06

    The style of painting is exquisite, and the level of the picture can be said to be the highest in the new show. However, in terms of the level of the script alone, I personally think that it can't compare to Bingguo. The original work itself is just like that, and it can't compare to Bingguo. It's just aired now, just wait and see. Personally, I feel that the final score will stabilize at 8.3~8.7.

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