The Front Runner evaluation action

2022-06-27 22:17
The Front Runner has an interesting tone. It does not have the depth of thinking and mapping like an art film, and it is not just an exciting commercial entertainment film. The film has the force and momentum to move forward, but these elements are not strong enough to grab the audience's attention. Hugh Jackman's convincing performances of masculinity and gravitas are also convincing of his rising popularity. His captivating but routine performances of ambitious politicians don't make Hart special. Vera Farmiga breathes life into a character who could otherwise be reduced to stereotyped contempt, making it three-dimensional. The overall effect of the film allows viewers to ignore some minor issues   .
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The Front Runner quotes

  • Gary Hart: [from trailer] My name is Gary Hart and I'm running for President.

  • Gary Hart: This campaign is about the future. Not rumors, not sleaze, and I care about the sanctity of this process, *whether you do or do not*!

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